On-Demand Viewing

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Keep Citizens Informed with On-Demand Viewing

Publish your meetings to be instantly viewable on your website with a single click. Although accessible on your site, all published content is stored in our secure cloud servers and uses our Content Distribution Network (CDN) to deliver streamed content on-demand. Our CDN delivery ensures that your bandwidth is not used. All meetings are searchable by date, department or key word/phrase.

Making your public meetings available online is vital in our technological age.  Transparency builds trust and saves time with online access.  The AV Capture solution will help you share records with searchable content and visually satisfying video and document integration appealing to all generations of citizens who want to stay informed with their governing body’s decision-making.

Publish Meetings to Your Website with a single click

A webcast is an Audio or Audio/Video stream distributed over the Internet to many simultaneous listeners or viewers.  A webcast may either be distributed live or on demand.  Using the AV Capture software, you can webcast your meetings with ease.

Secure Cloud Storage

Our technology leverages the latest cloud storage and delivery platforms that have earned the trust of many government agencies for mission critical applications.  With multiple redundant backups spread across geographic regions, we are not dependent on individual hardware streaming media servers for webcasting.  Our Content Distribution Network (CDN) delivers streamed content both live and on-demand, and ensures your bandwidth is not used.

All meetings are searchable by date, department or key word/phrase

On-Demand Streaming refers to recorded meeting sessions published to our website and currently available for webcasting.  The documents published with each session are key word searchable, the desired session can be located using our search tool or by filters by government agency and date.

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